Spotify playlists, Take Note, Mazda and more: creative ideas of the week

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It is said that a majority of advertising is mediocre and plain forgettable. While we all are exposed to hundreds of commercial messaging, only a handful are memorable. Here are a few which caught my eye over the week: Spotify’s new playlists campaign, Tanishq’s new TV ad and more.

1. Spotify: playlists

Last year, Spotify created a cool outdoor campaign which presented data about the music services usage interestingly. A new campaign takes forward the same idea into TV spots and outdoor.

Agency: W+K

The outdoor lacks the drama of the previous billboards which seem to dramatise personal tastes, but is fun nevertheless.

2. Notes – a life story, a love story

Take Note is a brick & mortar stationery store in Toronto. This story anchored around handwritten notes conveys a message that they are far more impactful that digital messages. Oddly, we find that credible even in 2017 thanks to an emotional film. The narrative keeps the viewer engaged in anticipation and can bring tears too. Also, who said that big production values are a must to make a memorable film?

Agency: BBDO, Toronto

3. Tanishq – Rivaah jewellery

Talking of tear jerkers, here’s another one. This time from Tanishq – a leading jewellery retailer in India. The creative execution of a montage of sequences, set to a catchy jingle is as old as the hills. Yet, there is magic in this spot because it is based on human behaviour. Dads and daughters are likely to relate to it (as I did, as the father of a daughter), the sequences seem real, the acting top class and the music, apt. Everything fell into place swimmingly well.

Agency: Mullen Lowe Lintas

4. Bentley Burial – Brazilian Association of Organ Transplant

I came across this case study from 2014 las week and felt compelled to share it here. I thought this was a great example of using a stunt to garner PR. But it doesn’t just stop at gaining publicity but made a real difference to the cause of organ donation (signups increased 31%).

Agency: Leo Burnett

5. Mazda: head turner

What do you get when the creative team literally translates the proposition ‘head turner of a car’ into an outdoor idea? The billboard has a hidden camera which detects a head turning towards it and connected to an algorithm which displays such instances as a number. Brilliant.

Agency: JWT. Via.

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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