Guest Post: The new Apple TVC: An unhappy Job

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About the author
This is a guest post by Suprio Guha Thakurta, Managing Director, India and Managing Director, Circulation, Asia Pacific of The Economist Group.

The moment I finished watching the new film, Our Signature, from Apple my heart sank a little. It has all the nice things in it, the right things, of how Apple makes our lives better. A sweet pleasant film. But will I watch it again? I doubt it. I doubt if many people will.

My first thought was “Oh God, they have made a corporate film”. And that thought was nailed by the last frame “Designed by Apple in California”. Could you have been more obvious? I will bet that the client insisted. That was the strategy slide that had to be in the film. I cannot imagine a self respecting ad man doing that.

The strategy was good, go back to the roots, stand apart from the product feature led ads and remind people of the Apple way. Unfortunately, we can see the strategy, almost slide by slide, unfold with each frame.

I doubt if a certain Mr Jobs would have been very happy.

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