Aegon Religare: staying future proof

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Among the crop of Insurance ads in India, this new effort from Aegon Religare certainly has a powerful insight. The idea: life is going to be expensive in the future and hence you need to work out a decent kitty as your pension. With inflation the way it is and the universal belief that ‘everything was cheap in those days’ it certainly strikes a chord.

We also have Irfaan Khan at a chemist interacting with people who discover the horrifyingly high prices for everyday stuff. My only grouse: was the transition from ‘future’ to present day as smooth as it could have been? While the humorous approach does get the laughs (with Irfaan doing a great job) is it powerful (scary?) enough to motivate the consumer to make that call? While we may all agree that future is going to be expensive, the real success of the communication will be the number of enquiries. In the West, the commercial could have been a great opportunity to drive traffic to the website, focusing only on that aspect. Speaking of which the Pension Plan website acts as the lead generation tool. In contrast, check out the use of interactive medium at ING Direct’s We the Savers website – with a Savings Calculator etc. For those who access the website, a simple ‘calculate your likely monthly expenses’ based on your age, dependents etc. is a possibility that drives home the message of ‘what you earn today is not enough for the future’.

All in all, a campaign that has a powerful insight at the core and has potential to strike a chord among us.

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