Ford Ikon: working bhi, not working bhi

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Happened to see this new commercial for Ford IKON on the net (increasingly that’s where I am discovering new commercials!). I am not a car enthusiast and to me it seemed like a good proposition that somehow didn’t touch your heart. Or head.

The characters seemed to act as if they were in some school play with a radio spot-like dialogue delivery. While the idea of juxtaposing a visual which is exactly opposite to the audio has been done before, it had potential to be engaging. But somehow for me, the end product doesn’t seem to deliver. The improvements in the product seem significant (?) but the commercial is there but not there – any car enthusiasts out there who disagree? And this must be the 15th brand ((Maggi – health bhi, taste bhi; Sugarfree – meetha bhi, diet bhi) in recent times with a double barreled baseline: ‘Crazy bhi, sensible bhi‘. You like?

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