Pepsi baap commercial: getting ahead

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The latest Pepsi commercial with a bevy of cricket stars is out. The news channels picked up the story with Sehwag’s wig being the point of interest.

The claim: the link to ‘getting ahead in life without connections’ is your ‘thirst’ or drive. Definitely a better commercial from the Pepsi stable than the handful of recent ‘Youngistaan’ ones with Ranbir/Deepika. The protagonists chosen – Dhoni, Sehwag and Ishant are all small town dudes who have made it big in their own right. So there is a connect with the set up. Works for you?

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  1. didnt work for me..I think the connection is a little too stretched..!

  2. Amrita, yes it is a bit stretched. But have noticed that such commercials tend to be popular with Youngistaan.

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