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Thums Up bike offer: license to thrill


I am sure you feel the same way about the new Thums Up bike promo ad as I do: it works. Apart from the prize being a perfect fit for the macho image of Thumps Up, the intrighe is nicely built into the phrase ‘license hai?’. Which is also a tangential reference to the ‘big boy’ status of the drink, nicely repositioning competition. The casting is top notch too – I quite liked the expression of the...

Samsung’s viral marketing effort for LED:wah wah black sheep


Another proof – if we ever need one – that creating a buzz for new products is a whole new ball game and calls for a different mindset than the one’s soaked in 30-second TV spots. The Viral Factory in London made a promo video for Samsung’s new LED TV, enlisting a group of herders called Baa-Studs. Now that sounds so bland but the video is far from bland. Check out the promo, if you haven’t seen...

Head & Shoulders spec work: can’t get this out of my head


A funny little speculative poster campaign created for Head & Shoulders shampoo is doing the rounds of ad blogs. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany and illustrated by Richard Wilkinson. Thankfully, it is spelt out as a speculative campaign. Can’t imagine this running as a thematic campaign for the brand any time soon. Great idea, though.   A complex idea explained telegraphically...

Schweppes viral – what can we learn from it?


A short film (12min) created by Publicis Mojo, Auckland for Schweppes is topping the viral video charts – a year after it was made. “Signs” was originally created to promote an online Schweppes short film festival. The story is that of an unhappy & lonely worker in an office in the big city, looking for love. He realizes that the signs were all along there in his neighbouring office. The film...

The Indian ad blog scenario: how vibrant?


Correct me if I am wrong, but I get the feeling that blogs related to Indian advertising & marketing are not as vibrant as those abroad. Even with ad portals or online versions of trade magazines I feel that the US and UK titles offer better width and depth of coverage. And when it comes to ‘discussions’ I find both the Indian magazine websites and blogs woefully falling behind...

Microsoft renews effort against Apple


Microsoft has released a fresh salvo against Macs. This time around they have taken banners on The New York Times website (Apple did the same last year by taking over the front page of NYT). The banner asks you to spin a wheel which shows up a Macbook or Macbook Pro alongside a ‘similar’ PC. The punch is supposed to be in the extras that you can get with either purchase. For example a...

Dubai Lynx Awards to investigate FP7’s award winning work


Much controversy in the blogosphere about the award winning entries from FP7 at the recent Dubai Lynx Awards. So much so that the organisers of the awards have launched an official investigation into a string of winning work. All this is is the fallout of a damning entry in Bloganubis in which almost all the award-winning work including Samsung were questioned. According to the blog, the washing...

Ad agency Fallon launches social media tool


In an effort to position itself as a tech savvy one, ad agency Fallon has launched an all-in-one social media tool called Skimmer. Running on Adobe AIR, this free desktop tool aggregates streams from various social media sites into a desktop widget. So your activity on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger and YouTube can all sit in one place instead of you flitting from one to the other. Cool. On...

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