IPL Season 2: at least the ad schedule is final

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Season 2 of The Indian Premier League is yet to get a go ahead from the Indian Government, even for the revised schedule. Apart from the security issues given the clash of dates with the Indian Elections, it is rumoured that there could be political issues behind the disapproval of dates. Anyway, assuming that the tournament starts from April 10, MAX Television the official broadcaster has begun a campaign, paying tribute to India’s collective obsession for the game. Last year’s idea was a totally zany one; this one is more quirky.

Created by TBWA, India and Directed by Footcandles, it is a montage film attempting to dramatize the idea ‘Ek desh, ek junoon’ (One nation, one passion). Done well, you can’t go wrong with montage films. In this execution, people will find some nuance worth watching again (the collective sneezing, slapping of heads and stuff) and therefore has great repeat value. Thank god they didn’t go the chest thumping route with this thought. The execution is slick and has scale. The film gets home the point about cricket cutting across all classes in India and does it in a quirky manner. If the tournament doesn’t get the official nod from the Government, we might as well hear a collective groan. I hope not.

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  1. Yes, it’s a good montage, but it’s starting to seem repetitive in its dramatic “Indian-ness”. After the Nike ad last year, such ads seem very me-too…

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