Advertising from the Gulf: how does our execution compare?

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I have written about this in the past too. The advertising from the Gulf region is getting remarkably slicker both in terms of the idea and execution. The Dubai Lynx Awards are on now and it’s a good time to see some of the recent print work that caught my eye.

This one is for Boecker Public Health. I guess the perspective – ‘don’t let them (the pests)get too comfortable’ leads to this fantastic execution. Agency: JWT, Dubai. Photography: Tejal Patni. Via The Inspiration Room.


KitKat Mini lends itself well to this idea of a ‘mini break’. It’s a clever twist on the ‘Take a break’ tag line and brings a smile to your face. Agency: JWT, Dubai. Via: MediaMe.


There have been others too – like the DHL Trojan Horse ad and the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery one. In India very few print ads are world-class in execution, usually appearing around December. Are these Gulf ads seen in mainline media there? What’s been the consumer reaction to these ads? If you are in the Gulf region and in the know, do tell us.

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  1. Yup. The ads can be seen in mainline media. The bar is set more than decently high. The talent pool is, well, quite capable. And the final stamp of approval-regular wins/finalists at international festivals (including Cannes). The times…they are a-exciting.


  2. Doesn’t the size of the logo, the amount of negative space tell us something already? One can have a look at December issues of the Free Press Journal and see Indian siblings of these ads.

    Mumbai Mid-Day apparently launched a scheme where they let agencies print their best ‘published or unpublished’ creative work for free in December. Neat way to complete the incestuous circle.

    Award Ho!

  3. @Micky, thanks man. Saw your work on the ‘Cars from a time when…’ for Emirates Classic Cars – good stuff. Was last year’s campaign for EA on mainline media?

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