iPhone’s premium App Store and gaming push

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The next version of the iPhone operating system is going to be previewed tomorrow and the rumours (as usual) are flying thick and fast. Wired Magazine reports of a rumour that a premium App Store will be announced tomorrow. The logic? The premium section would largely be focused on games, giving game makers a channel to offer more in-depth (and pricier) titles without getting lost in the clutter of free and $1 apps. Makes sense to me. There’s a sea of gaming applications for the iPhone and the majority tendency is to go for the least expensive one. There is a segment of serious gamers who would like to stand out from the crowd and they wouldn’t mind paying that extra buck for a premium experience.


One big grouse against Macs is that some find it a terrible platform for gaming (the Mac haters have other reasons too!). The iPhone is well positioned to change that. The games look mouth wateringly cool, the distribution is quick and seamless, the touch screen and accelerometer offer many innovations in play (like Labyrinth for example), it’s portable and uber cool. There are several drawbacks to the iPhone as a serious gaming device of course. I am not a gaming freak myself but the gaming push seems like a logical next step for iPhone – to give the sales curve a nudge.

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