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Subaru Forester: plain and simple


Among the sea of ads that one sees on creative showcase sites on the web, a handful catch your eye. Just like in real life, I guess. Here’s one such campaign for Subaru Forester , coming from Saatch & Saatchi, Ukraine. A simple visual idea to connote the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. Interesting product and rational benefit-oriented approach in a category where brands have been...

Fake IPL Player: some fun off the cricket field


The Fake IPL Player’s blog is great fun. Each post gets tonnes of (deserving) comments – today’s post on the ‘big match’ has over 200 comments already. Whoever is behind this blog has hit upon a brilliant idea – albeit inspired by the now-defunct Fake Steve Jobs blog. Fake Steve Jobs was written by an ex-Fortune staffer Dan Lyons and the blurb ‘Dude, I...

Tata Indicom says hello (again) to network quality


The latest ads of Tata Indicom hark back to the quality of their network by creating dissonance about competing networks’ call quality. In a way, they are back to where they started from. The ads featuring Kajol attempted to switch competing consumers by promising better call quality. The ‘Suno dil ki awaz‘ campaign ensued and urged consumers to listen to their hearts, through...

Vodafone’s creates Zoozoos and a fan following


I was at a family get together last Sunday. Part of the motley crowd included a handful of 14-19 year olds. While the IPL cricket matches were being watched they would simply mute the telly when the ads came on. The new ads created by Vodafone India, official partner of the DLF IPL 2009, were the only exception. I guess the ads are a hit across age groups going by people’s reactions and...

Recession lessons from Apple: Q2 profits, Get a Mac and a billion Apps


Apple posted its Q2 earnings yesterday with revenues at $8.16 billion, and profit of $1.21 billion. That’s a 15% jump in profits year to year. During these recessionary times, Apple seems to have bucked the trend, supported by strong sales of the iPhone and iPod. I am no financial analyst, but in the back of a few other that’s happening around Apple, this is the fruit of several...

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