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Bajaj Pulsar: fastest Indian makes an impression


On my first view of the new Bajaj Pulsar commercial, I only happened to catch the 2nd half. I was curious to know more since the execution was very ‘phoren’ and intriguing replete with ‘El Bank’, an English track and cops in ‘70s cars. The commercial is well made and judging by the comments over at YouTube, it is popular and liked. What stood out for me was the casting of the protagonist– the...

Cannes Winners from India and scam ads: the debate continues


It was titled ‘Fake Cannes Lion Winner’s blog‘ and highlighted the ‘creative coincidence’ between the Air India outdoor campaign (which won a Silver at Cannes 2009) and ahem, a similar campaign for Air France. Then followed a second article on the same subject stating that ‘scams are threatening an otherwise talented industry of ideas’. The...

Philips versus conventional advertising


A few years ago, Philips embarked on a global corporate image campaign with the tag line ‘Sense and sensibility’. It was an era of conveying the ‘real’ you through advertising, to an audience who perceived you to be something else. It was particularly true of Philips in India, having been around in this country for so long that it was taken for granted that it was a...

Nokia N97 and iPhone 3GS: similar India pricing, different reactions


Nokia’s N97 is set to be priced at around Rs.36k in India (approx. $750). The reaction, until now, is almost muted and nowhere near the strident notes regarding the iPhone 3G pricing of 31k-35k. And it is going to get worse with the impending iPhone 3GS launch. Why is this so? Herewith some plausible reasons: 1. Apple’s poor marketing communication in India: prior to the iPhone...

The top advertising blogs, as listed by Blogrank


The Top Advertising Blogs in the world, as listed by Blogrank is based on 20 different factors. Here are the Top 10 blogs: The top ranked ones truly deserve the recognition. Many congratulations to all. They have been focused on the advertising business relentlessly and are a source of great inspiration to us. They have shared their opinions, been great reads and are a great community tool...

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