Customized hoardings for Yellow Pages Israel: breaking the rules

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Innovative hoardings are usually limited to a handful in an outdoor campaign, especially in India. Understandably so, since the costs & logistics make it impractical. So I was curious to know how Yellow Pages Israel mounted this campaign recently, of 1000 customized billboards.

In order to demonstrate the search categories, each billboard shows a specific feature of a category – of course, with a twist. And integrating it with the nature of the outdoor medium. For example, the billboard for the tire repair category was tilted to the right side and the one for fish restaurants was simply covered in a fish net.

Ink cartridges.jpg
Private investigations.jpg
Fitness clubs.jpg

Agency: SAA/Y&R Tel Aviv

Some of the categories chosen based on the creative possibilities – e.g. magnets (which has several metallic objects stuck to the billboard). Nevertheless, a daring attempt to break the break the conventional mould in outdoor advertising. My other favoruites: scratch card and Shawarma Stand. See all of them here. I was just curious to know the total cost of this exercise and whether client felt that the effort was worth it. The fact that it’s being talked about around the world is one kind of proof.

Thanks to Adland and Advertolog.

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