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Meet the Creative Gurus – Rahul Jauhari


I thought it would be a good idea to chat up with some of India’s brightest Creative Stars. So, starting this week, here’s ‘Meet the Creative Gurus’, which will hopefully turn out to be a regular column. This week, meet Rahul Jauhari, National Creative Director of Pickle Advertising. Rahul started off with McCann Erickson in 1996 and then moved to Rediffusion DY&R...

10 radio spots that bring alive the power of the audio medium


Let’s face it. While the FM Radio boom in India is a good thing, the side effects are the atrocious radio spots we have to suffer. Most of them seem to follow a template – a hammed conversation between two people – a format where any product imaginable can be introduced. The other favourite is of course the Bollywood spoof, more specifically a Gabbar spoof. Dharmendra, Rajini...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30


Where Five Print Magazines Are Finding Revenue # Upcoming Apple tablet is No. 1 priority of Steve Jobs # CBS-Pepsi Max put video in print ads: the beginning of convergence? # WPP profits slump 47 per cent # The 10 best silly events in Britain # 25 logos with hidden messages # Interpol's red corner notice, travel ban on Hafiz, Lakhvi. What good is it? Are they planning a holiday to South of...

Microsoft’s Polish snafu: not so uncommon in advertising


Much hue and cry over an allegedly racist (hue, racist link- not intended) move to edit out an African-American and replace him with a white dude for their Polish website. Microsoft has since apologized for the incident. The net being what it is, much fun is being had at Microsoft’s expense. I am extremely offended. And I have some serious questions to ask. No, not about the racist angle...

Fulfillment: the last mile in India Local Search?


Read an interesting article from Sampad Swain about Local Search yesterday. Funnily enough, I had to go online last evening to book movie tickets. The preamble is that my wife wanted to book movie tickets and her first instinct was to call the theatre. Since was late in the night she decided to go online and her first port of call was, you-guessed-it, Google. She was using my Mac and I...

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