Shoppers Stop & Zoozoo merchandise

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With the return of the pug, some thought that Zoozoos were dead. It ain’t so. Shoppers Stop and Vodafone have recently announced the launch of merchandise feature the characters. Is it the first time licensed merchandise of advertising characters is available in India? One has seen roadside stuff with Fido Dido but this is perhaps the first time a retail chain has recognized the popularity of an advertising character in India.


In terms of timing, were they a tad late? I don’t think so. The Zoozoos fever was at the highest during the last IPL (though they had their share of detractors). Knock-offs soon appeared on the streets – a measure of their popularity and scope. I feel that the characters have a lot more mileage left in them – witness the popularity of the Independence Day video on YouTube. It’s a matter of time before the next set of Zoozoo ads, a new viral, a comic strip perhaps and maybe even a TV series is planned and the fever is revived again.

By the way, the Zoozoos idea is obviously far bigger than just a commercial. How does one valuate the benefits of such a big idea? What price does one pay for the value that the brand has created? Can agencies who come up with such far reaching ideas be simply compensated with a fee or commission? I am not commenting on this specific case, but how often do agencies get to benefit from the upsides of their idea? Worth thinking about. Comments welcome.

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