ING Vysya’s Jiyo Easy: hard to ignore

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I quite liked the new set of ads from ING Vysya Bank on their ‘Jiyo Easy‘ platform. The launch ads which were released a few months ago, perhaps limited themselves to a mere claim. The reason for the claim of easy banking formed only the periphery of the argument. This time around, the features that make the easy banking claim stick, are at the core of the creative idea. Cheque-book replacement without asking for it maybe a small gesture but the need for it is real. The art direction in the ad is outstanding.

Another ad is based on ‘quick replacement of lost debit cards’ feature – a story told with a twist. The ad based on mobile banking is cute but I was left wondering just how exactly the money was transferred or the bill paid.

In this category, inertia to switch brands is extremely high. One may even put up with sub-standard service in one’s current bank, but simply closing an account and switching a bank is not an easy thing to do. Even if it’s opening  a new bank account, there are far too many considerations beyond advertising. Given the regulatory nature of the category, banking products can’t be very different from one bank to the other. But likeable advertising on the back of nifty product features will go a long way in goading consumers.

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  1. Sriram Iyer Reply

    I liked the campaign, not too much of spoon-feeding. Simple & to-the-point. Among the financial campaigns – I also liked the Max Newyork Life insurance wala TVC. Very good stuff!

  2. Liked the work, enough surprise in the well written work. And speed of service (preemptive service) is a new space to be in. Agree on the absence of the “how to” in the mobile banking execution, (last effective one was the Barclay’s that I can remember) but maybe that’s a service that is already automated, and expected/delivered by all. Might also need more than a television solution. All, good stuff.

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