Tooheys New: for the love of integrated advertising

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Saatchi & Saatchi, Australia has developed a new integrated campaign for Toohey’s NEW beer (yes, the brand name is NEW).  I simply loved the central creative idea, the executions and the potential for creating integrated stuff.  According to Campaign Brief,  the fully integrated campaign explores the truth that in Australia, beer is constantly used as currency. Whether it’s helping a mate move house or installing a dishwasher, you can always get things done with a case of beer. But the beauty lies in converting it to a Beer Economy idea – Toohey’s NEW is the official currency of the beer economy.

The idea is brought alive in a series of spots showcasing funny situations with a handy guide to how much you can charge for tasks ranging from helping your mate to helping your nana.

See the rest of the ads here.

In absolute parity categories like beer, advertising is often the differentiator. What I liked about this campaign was the creation of a creative idea based on a human insight – something that is ownable and can be leveraged across media. Not surprisingly, there is lot more stuff planned. According to mUmBRELLA:

the campaign will have digital component with a website offering beer lovers advice and guidelines on the ‘beer values’ of various tasks. An online Beer Exchange Calculator application will allow users to answer multiple choice questions to work out how many beers they are owed, or how many they need to hand over.

The website is based around a YouTube channel which will house the campaign’s content and link users to resources which can be personalised, including downloadable branded ‘beer invoices’ and a ‘For the Love of Beer I Will ……’ PDF template for people to use when trading tasks for beer.

The campaign will be supported by in-store activation, with bottle shops and pubs stocking ‘Beer IOU’ coasters, ‘Tooheys New Accepted Here’ stickers for tradesmen and ‘Beer IOU’ cheque books.

Awesome stuff.

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