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Specsavers and more: topical ads


Taking advantage of the buzz around the disallowed goal in the UK-Germany match, Specsavers released this ad in major UK dailies. Brilliant timing, superbly dovetails into the ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ line. Agency: Specsavers In-house Creative team There were others too (mostly prior to the England-Germany match) that attempted to be topical and get talked about: As...

Future Apple products: what the launch could be


Apple product launches have come to have a predictable nature. First the rumours, then the product leaks, pre-launch hype, launch hype and so on. Why read the same things over & over again? To save you time, herewith the likely sequence of events in future Apple launches: Phase 1 Rumours of a revolutionary new product from Apple surface at Mac rumour sites. Apple bans its employees from...

Seen and noted: Lynx Rise Wake Up Calls


I have been a big fan of Axe (known as Lynx in the UK) advertising over the years. The product – positioned as a chic magnet delivers a promise that never fails to hit home. It’s pricing (at least in India) is within reach of a mass audience, while the advertising pegs it a premium level – a nice combination. In UK, the latest series (OK, 2 months old) is for a brand of...

Pick of Cannes 2010: award winners of note


At the Cannes Lions 2010, the winners among Promo & Activation, PR, Direct, Media, Outdoor, Radio, Cyber, Design and Press have been announced as we write. While we await the Film & Film Craft winners, here’s a brief round up of some of the work that caught my eye, particularly in the print & outdoor categories: 1. Stopache: Great use of ambient medium and surely touches a chord...

Smart says no, Cannes judges say yes


At the Cannes 2010 Awards, the Outdoor Grand Prix was awarded jointly to Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ and an ambient idea for Andes beer. While the Andes beer relied on technology, the Diesel outdoor campaign was the traditional poster campaign. According to Adweek: Outdoor jury president Tay Guan Hin, Regional ECD of JWT Asia said, Diesel’s “Be stupid” manifesto is...

Polo Snow Stamp: surprising, inexpensive – ambient at it’s best


Came across this ambient idea for Polo. In December 2009, when UK was covered in snow, the creative minds behind this campaign came up with a simple, yet show-stopping idea: imprint the Polo stamp on the white snow – leaving behind a replica of the actual mint. Cool. Agency: JWT, London Via: I Believe in Advertising Quite like the recent Universal Studios’ ambient idea for King Kong...

Talent management in advertising


The other day CNBC’s Storyboard had an interesting debate on ‘Talent Management in the Advertising Industry’. Based on the Deloitte Rewards Survey (conducted among 15 agencies) the debate covered a topic that has long been touted by the captains of the advertising industry as the ‘most important challenge’: attracting and retaining the best talent. Unfortunately, it...

Harvey Nichols does it again


The latest Harvey Nichols sales ad is in line with the consistently high creative standards of the brand. Just when you thought DDB London had exhausted ways of hyping the Harvey Nichols sale – from exaggerating the extent to which shoppers are ready to go to the reaction of the mannequins, they’ve come up with a fresh new perspective. Agency: DDB, London. Via: Campaign Live Previous...

Volkswagen Beetle: curves are back, not the ads


AdAge ranks the 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle campaign No.1 in the list of ‘Top 100 Advertising campaigns‘. Many regard it as the ‘Campaign of the century’. Starting with the iconic ‘Lemon’ ad, DDB has done a wonderful job – the advertising for the brand went a long way in creating the halo around Volkswagen Beetle. Even with the launch of the New Beetle...

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