Seen and noted: Lynx Rise Wake Up Calls

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I have been a big fan of Axe (known as Lynx in the UK) advertising over the years. The product – positioned as a chic magnet delivers a promise that never fails to hit home. It’s pricing (at least in India) is within reach of a mass audience, while the advertising pegs it a premium level – a nice combination.

In UK, the latest series (OK, 2 months old) is for a brand of ‘morning shower gel’ (I liked how they cued a usage occasion) aptly called Rise. The base line urges you to ‘Wake Up and Stay Alert’ and the ads carry on the Lynx Effect heritage. The website explains it best:

Caution: most of the spots are NSFW – here are two of them:

Like in most episodic or a campaign series not all the ads are equally funny. But they all serve to further the notion that Lynx gives guys the tools to get ahead in the mating game. Ahem.

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