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iPhone and Android: of integration and fragmentation


Apple recently announced blow out Q4 2010 results: 91% growth in iPhone sales compared to SPLY, over 4mn iPads sold in that quarter, quarterly revenues topping $20bn and profits over $4bn. Given the negative publicity around iPhone 4’s so-called antenna problems and competition predicting a huge flop, a 91% growth is truly mind blowing. Ditto with the iPad – it has virtually created a...

Jet Blue: Advertising is not the new advertising


Imagine this: JetBlue, the US-based airline wants to convey the message that airline rules and practices suck. And that the JetBlue experience is different. The ‘rules’ include extra charges for carry-on baggage and the ‘practices’ include hopping flights and cramped seats. What would an advertising agency have done until now? Produce a 30-second commercial knocking the...

Of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and customers


Going by chats with agency folks and some Brand Managers, the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers seem to be the new benchmark for a brand’s success in the social media space. I have seen vigorous nodding of head, followed by raised eyebrows in admiration of 500+ fans for a brand on Facebook.  This count seems to be the new ‘awareness’ benchmark of TV advertising of...

Design envy: London Olympics & IBM posters


A couple of design projects caught my eye of late. One is a set of posters designed by Alan Clarke, for the London Olympics. These aren’t ‘official’ posters for the event; but going by the official logo of London Olympics, you would wish they were. Rest of the posters are here. The other set of posters that caught my eye are for IBM. The simple but obvious fact about these...

Gap and the ‘not invented here’ syndrome


Seen the new Gap logo? Like it? Neither do I. Image Source: Brand New Gap has always been associated with that boxed logo, that elegant typeface – it was classy, iconic in a way. Yes, there will be people who hate the old logo too. As with most ‘heritage’ brands, change is always met with resistance. But the new logo has been disliked mostly and the negative buzz is simply...

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