Ranbir does a Seinfeld for Tata Docomo

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The advantage of being late entrant in the telecom category is that you can create dissonance about existing brands. But that’s easier said than done – how  you do it just as critical. The latest campaign for Tata Docomo featuring Ranbir Kapoor does it with a lot of panache.

The campaign attempts to portray Tata Docomo as a brand that ‘Keeps things Simple’ in comparison to competition who by extension, complicate lives. What works is the choice of celebrity and the Seinfeld-like stand up comedy format  – a writer’s dream. There are 6 ads released; here are a few favourites of mine:

View rest of the spots here.

The likability of these spots depends a lot on the script…the build up and the punchline. The delivery seems to have been taken care of by Ranbir just being himself. I am told there are many more to come in this series as part of the IPL activity. I like. You?

Disclosure: my colleagues in Mumbai & Delhi were involved in creating this campaign.

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  1. Nice. I like them. But that canned laughter was a bit too artificial. would be nice to have got some real people laugh and captured those instead. Guess they thought otherwise.

    but what happened to Ranbir's contract with Virgin Mobiles?

    • Thanks Kapil. I think Virgin Mobile being part of Tata Teleservices may have made the decision on Ranbir easier.

  2. Sriram Iyer Reply

    I appreciate the fact that brands are willing to take such creative routes. I wonder if the copy guys wrote the material or if they were written by a stand-up artist. If Vir Das or any other stand-up guy had done this, it may not have seemed a little weird. And Ranbir saying 'Keep it simple, silly' is somehow, to me, silly. Also, I am wondering if these would have worked better off as virals, like the Indian Panga League.

  3. I love the whole campaign .. Its so Relaxed,at ease yet killing competition by capitalizing on opponents weaknesses .. *Superlike*

  4. Couple of ads were pretty lame. Being a big fan of Seinfeld and stand up in general….the accent doesn't work for me. Don't get me wrong…I like stand up in hindi too, but the westernized act and the accent doesn't gel. Nice effort though…and good idea (as the competitors say ;)…)

    • @Sriram, the copywriters wrote the material – everyone pitched in I think. @ Nikhil – a campaign like this is bound to be subjective – some jokes may work well, some may not. Thanks for writing in.

  5. Ranbir is a male bimbo. He's a mimbo.
    He can shut up and show up, people will laugh at him for sure.

  6. Ok firstly these ads can be subjectively reacted to, but one thing is refreshing that they talk about a clear benefit in an interesting manner. Now you may laugh your wits out or smile or feel they are stupid (I quite like them, but that's my opinion), but the reactions of some people to these ads and to Ranbir are quite unbelievable. Just look around and see the kind of conversation these ads are generating for Tata Docomo, seems more than zoozoos to me. People are talking about each creative/script and in effect the propositions are getting highlighted even more. I feel its killer work, the kind you need to cut through the clutter of goody goody easily forgettable stuff floating around now

  7. Only particular section of society would like these ads; people who are dying to be like the west. These ads are stupid, and the people who liked it are even more stupid. These ads were supposed to help sell a product to the Indian market. However it looks more like a writer's/creative team's attempt to fulfil some wish-i-had-done-that dream and thus we see such a stupid copy of a western stand-up comedy style… pity!!

  8. I dont think stand up comedy is restricted to the west. Wanting to perform stand up doesnt make you desperate to be there or be like them. Ranbir Kapoor is not funny…At all.. The material is very weak…..The idea to do a stand up comedy routine was bold – But would have been better if they used someone who was naturally funny instead of some Bollywood loser who has no natural charisma at all

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