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Volkswagen Jetta: anything for a community


And so Volkswagen India continues with the strategy of a print driven blitzkrieg to launch another model in India. This morning’s Times of India came with a ‘wrap around’ printed in glossy art paper (card?). I almost missed it as my wife had carefully separated the main paper from the ad. The fact that it was printed on glossy, art paper is in itself an eye-catcher. The 4-page...

IKEA, YouTube and Facebook: Happy to Bed


I remember seeing the new IKEA ad for the UK market (created by Mother) over at some ad blog. According to Campaign Live: The integrated campaign, by Mother, aims to widen bedtime beyond brushing your teeth, taking off any makeup and putting on pyjamas and enacourge people to celebrate bedrooms and make them a “happy destination to go to sleep”. Given this objective, the TV...

Thank You, Steve Jobs


It’s common for celebrities and statesmen to evoke feelings of adulation from the public. We all have our role models in the sports arena, we may admire some politicians or film stars. We feel happy when they achieve success and sad when something bad happens to them. And all this even if we’ve never met them – we form our perceptions by their actions and what we read about them...

BMW Connected Drive: bring back the old connections


This video for BMW Connected Drive is doing the rounds of Auto & Ad Blogs. Given the nature of auto enthusiasts, this is bound to be drooled all over. The film is watchable enough as it makes you look forward to the ‘next step’ and reduces chances of a ‘switch off’. I guess the video is also an example the new kind of advertising – where Social Networking sites...

Hero MotoCorp: hum mein hai montage


A montage of visuals – people smiling, working, climbing mountains. A soul-stirring jingle. These are the two ingredients of most corporate ads across the globe. Especially for large companies that make a diverse set of products. Hero Motocorp has taken that route too, with their new ‘Hum main hai Hero‘ campaign. And there’s a new logo too (which I quite liked). The new...

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