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Tippex: Hunter and the bear party on with YouTube


The innovative ways in which the creative mind uses new media nowadays is amazing. There are several brands trying to do it, but very few evoke a ‘wow’ or a ‘wish I had thought of that’ kind of response . Tipp-ex did that with their 2010 campaign on YouTube (19.2mn views as of date). The word ‘shoots’ in ‘A hunter shoots a bear was  whitened out and...

Flipkart delivers again


Making a sequel is no kids play. Ask the folks who made Jaws 2 & 3. In advertising too, once a successful campaign idea is created it is a tough act to follow it up in a ‘sequel’. Flipkart & Happy Creative Services (headed by the multi-talented @higheriyer) have done that with their latest set of ‘kids as adults’ ads. See credits here. What works? Changing...

Vodafone Internet is Fun: trouble with teasers


Product launches from Apple follow a pattern: Mac rumor sites, tech blogs and forums will first speculate on what the upcoming product will be all about. Then someone will post a link-bait article along with hazy pictures of the purportedly new product. Fans, anti-Apple brigade and trolls will all join in the fun. And then the product will be launched followed by a mix of criticism and rave...

Magnum Pleasure Hunt is back


Last year’s Magnum Pleasure Hunt was an awesome web experience – one had to catch as many bon bons as possible, traveling through the web. This years edition, based on the same concept allows for travel across the world as it were, using street maps view. Cool. Head over to the Pleasure Hunt 2 and check it out. It’s fun. Agency: Lowe Brindfors Last year’s hunt across the web...

More topical ads: April Fools Day


Several brands have tried to emulate the magic of Amul topical hoardings in India and have failed. The secret recipe perhaps lies in the way the hoardings are created. I have written about topical ads in the past – especially those which capitalize on a random event and link it to a brand proposition. And then there are those ‘calendar’ events – scheduled to appear every...

Showcasing advertising history: who will bell the cat?


Talk to a newbie in advertising today and chances are that he or she will not know anything about famous advertising campaigns & personalities of the past. When I say past, I am not referring to campaigns of the 1940s but about campaigns that created history and successful brands over the last 2 decades. It’s a pity, really. It really is not the fault of ad agency folks today but all...

The ad agency: what’s in a name?


Mention ‘ad agency’ and to most it conjures up images of people dreaming up TV commercials. A chat with people outside the business involves explaining to them what exactly we do – some ask if we ‘specialize’ in any particular medium [outdoor, print etc.] and some others see us as crazies who dream up creative stuff. Of course there are negative perceptions of...

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