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The new iPad and the ingredients for Apple loyalty


Not surprisingly the launch of the new iPad has been a relatively muted affair in India. The  friendly pricing may help in attracting new users to the Apple fold but those going wide-eyed are still the Apple fans. It’s early days yet and a lot of re-sellers are likely to carry out promotions in the coming weeks. My hunch is that Apple would see this as ‘along expected lines’ as...

Samsung: misdirected ‘wake up’ call to Apple fans


And so Samsung is on a marketing overdrive again. Nothing wrong with that but they seemed to be obsessed with Apple and iPhone in particular. In Australia they have launched a guerrilla marketing program against iPhone by staging a ‘protest’ outside an Apple Store in Sydney. This is timed with the imminent launch of the ‘next Galaxy‘ and hence the dig at Apple fans to...

Seen and noted: Listerine


In the current issue of Luerzer’s Archive, there is a print campaign for Listerine with a pretty arresting visual idea. Claim: Because a toothbrush reaches only 25% of your mouth. Agency: JWT, Mumbai. Image: Luerzer’s Archive iPad app Categories which require a change of habit or adoption of a new habit usually rely on shock value – jolting the consumer into action or change of...

Seen and noted: Jala PRT


‘When domestic helpers themselves need help’: seems like the mission of National Network for Domestic Workers Advocacy in Indonesia. Awesome art to bring out the idea of an ‘over worked, exploited’ domestic help.

Agency: Ogilvy, Jakarta. Via
This campaign was part of the Clio Awards 2012 entries.

Ray-Ban: Never Hide explained in 75th Anniversary Campaign


Call it intriguing, weird, clever, creative – the Never Hide campaign idea for Ray-Ban has generated a lot of buzz for the brand.  It also upped the brand’s ‘cool quotient’ which is so essential for fashion brands. I must admit that some of the earlier print campaigns were a bit puzzling…confusing even. The most effective among the lot for me were the videos uploaded...

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