P&G best job is also the hardest job: tugging at heartstrings

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P&G and Wieden + Kennedy have struck gold. Based on an universal insight that moms sacrifice a lot for the success of their children, they rolled out the ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign in 2010. Instead of merely being a sponsorship of the Winter Olympics, P&G decided to sponsor the moms of Team USA athletes. The emotional, moving TV spot was talked about the world over not just for what P&G said, but also what P&G did. P&G built a team centre at the venue and paid for every Team USA mom’s trip to Canada. The campaign subtly brought in the role of P&G brands: a Pampers spot, for example, noted that “before they [American athletes] were wearing Gold, Silver or Bronze, they were wearing diapers…Thank you, Mom.” The campaign has paid rich dividends: 50,000 tweets about the work, 400,000 new Facebook friends, and an estimated $130 million in incremental sales of P&G products.

The initiative is being taken forward to the 2012 London Olympics. As part of the initiative, a 2-minute film, Best Job, was launched exclusively online to P&G Facebook fans.

Agency: W+K

Directed by Oscar nominee (for Babel) Alejandro González Iñárritu, Best Job shows us different moms around the world getting their youngsters up early for training in their respective sports and follows each through the years until their moments of competitive Olympics glory.

The film tugs at your heartstrings, surely. And even if you are not a sports person, leave alone an Olympic medal winner you can relate it to your own life event and the sacrifices your mom made. In a way, it appeals to both moms and their children. Needless to say, surround ideas in terms of apps (allowing you to send personalized ‘Thank You, Mom’ greetings) are being planned. I like.

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  1. Anand Halve Reply

    Partner, this is what bonding insight and brand intimately is all about!
    The (supposedly) most left-brained marketer in the world,
    is also the most right-brained.

  2. Prince Arora Reply

    Great idea – An example of a truly integrated communication

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