Theatre stunt for fifityfifty: when activation drives action

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How many times have we seen it? A brand executing its activation campaign in a mall with a handful of participants and many hangers on? Such events usually limit themselves to creating brand awareness, some exposure to the brand world and sometimes brand trial. Sometimes the fit with the brand’s target audience is also suspect, especially for super-premium brands when many in the activation area can ill-afford the brand. You could say that they aspire for the brand but there’s no gainsaying that there is wastage.

In this context, a stunt pulled off by Havas Worldwide for the non-profit organization fiftyfifty was spot on. It had a captive audience, a heightened ‘brand experience’ and an easy call for action. I particularly liked the fact that they didn’t leave the action for a later time (i.e hoping that people would remember the stunt and make a donation later) and prompted donations by embedding a QR-code in the blankets provided.

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