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WoodGreen: connecting celebrity gossip and public service advertising


Let’s face it – celebrity gossip sells. We all love following celebrity news even if it is about the most mundane details. That’s the reason why celebrities like Kim Kardashian and shows like Big Brother & Big Boss have a huge following. Tabloid magazines, gossip sites, Page 3 section of leading news dailies thrive on this need for us to follow the lives of celebrities. No...

Why I am not a fan of the Cadbury Silk ads


The latest edition of the Cadbury Silk ads is out. Set in a library, it continues the visual code (if you can call it that) of sticky, gooey chocolate being eaten in a messy way (when was the last time you saw an adult with chocolate stains across his face, like an infant eating food?). This time around it is not just about adults indulging on their own, but a gent offers his saliva laden, half...

Guinness Sapeurs: love at second sight


The last ad of Guinness which made waves across the world was the basketball one. The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character, said the VO, linking it to the ‘Made of More’ tag line. A new campaign for Guinness is also being talked about in trade and other media across the world. The ad features the ‘Sapeurs’, (Society of elegant persons of the Congo’), a group of...

Axe #KissForPeace, Susan Glenn and theme ads


A new campaign for Axe Peace, an upcoming range from Axe is out. The central idea seems to arise from the variant name itself – in a world filled with war, the greatest weapon is love. Make love, not war with new AXE Peace. The ad depicts several parts of the world known for conflicts and sets up what seems like a tipping point for disaster. The twist is in the protagonists dropping their...

The good and bad of brand name as verb


‘Google it’ – used as a generic term for ‘searching for information on the internet’ has a positive ring to it. I guess the usage helps the brand Google , as it subliminally cues the undisputed leadership position of the brand in the ‘search’ business. It unambiguously conveys that Google equals generic search. Also, chances are a person will actually use...

iPad Air ad ‘Your Verse’: from consumption to creation


Apple aired a new ad for the iPad Air on US television Sunday night. Titled “Your Verse,” features a voiceover by Robin Williams reciting a monolog from the movie ‘Dead Poets Society‘. The ad got a positive response overall from critics (see highlights here) and social media users alike. Agency: TBWA There is a beautifully designed web page dedicated to such stories of...

Schwartz Flavour Shots: idea explodes on the screen


What does flavour look like? How does it sound? These are the questions that inspired us to create what we describe as a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’ says the write up about a new ad for Schwartz Flavour Shots. The product is a range of herbs, spices and seasonings blended in sunflower oil; it is so flavourful that it will explode works well. But what makes the ad riveting is the execution...

Libero Football Magazine: language of football drives home the point


Lovely set of ads for Libero Football magazine. The concept: ‘If they explain it to you with football, you get it‘. In a football-crazed nation like Spain, getting men to understand what you are trying to say, gets easier if you use ‘football concepts’. Loved the idea and the execution. The two best of the series of four spots are these: Agency:Lola / Lowe & Partners...

The Guardian’s new ‘own the weekend’ ad: does it all


The claim: The Guardian and Observer are now even bigger and better, with Do Something, the new monthly magazine and Observer Tech Monthly with all the latest in ideas, science and technology. The claim takes forward the ‘own the weekend‘ theme of the publication. The ad is a funny take on what happens when you foolishly decide to do all that the publication offers, at once. Agency:...

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