The Guardian’s new ‘own the weekend’ ad: does it all

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The claim: The Guardian and Observer are now even bigger and better, with Do Something, the new monthly magazine and Observer Tech Monthly with all the latest in ideas, science and technology. The claim takes forward the ‘own the weekend‘ theme of the publication. The ad is a funny take on what happens when you foolishly decide to do all that the publication offers, at once.

Agency: BBH
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

There’s a promo linked to the video, with some prizes thrown in. While the ‘I am going to read the paper’ maybe a dead giveaway of what is to follow, the film holds your attention till the end. And because it doesn’t spell out ‘we offer a lot of engaging content’ in a boring, direct many but dramatise the consequences of it, it drives home the point well. Great work from BBH yet again for The Guardian. Remember Three Little Pigs?

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