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More of the (same) thoughts on Goafest


Goafest is likely to be a dull affair this year, with some leading ad agencies opting out. Industry observers and journalists have written about the problems facing the Goafest brand and things that need fixing. I remember the advertising awards of early ’90s (held under the aegis of Advertising Club, Bombay then too) – an evening celebrating the best work of the year. Over time, the...

#BuiltForIt: there’s no such thing as a ‘boring category’


Back in the days when advertising was about TV commercials, radio spots, print ads and brochures industrial products were categorised as ‘boring’. No self-respecting employee of an advertising agency, especially those in creative would drool at the prospect of working on construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, grinding wheels and so...

Advertising and the 50% responsibility factor


I remember the late Indian advertising legend, Mr. Ravi Gupta say that 50% of the credit for good advertising should go to the client. This was at a time when the agency he founded used to produce some of the finest, effective and awarded work in the country for a diverse set of brands ranging from Mauritius Tourism to Ceasefire to Thums Up. He also implied that if the work on a brand is mediocre...

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