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Co-creation, brand conversation and other myths


No discussion about the ‘new advertising’ is complete without someone uttering the word ‘conversations’ in the context of brands and social media. Frankly, no consumer in his right mind would want to have a meaningful conversation with a hotel, airline, ISP, telecom provider or a college brand. But there is a mad rush from brands to be part of this conversation –...

Schweppes: the lost art of long copy print ad


It is quite uncommon to see well-written, long copy print ads in today's advertising. There are several reasons contributing to this situation. Visual driven communication dominates static advertising. We are all time poor nowadays thanks to the increase in media clutter. There are far too many things vying for our attention and we can only consume so much. So, telegraphic messages which drive...

Fastrack’s ‘Sorry for what’: why I think it works


Fastrack has been doing some great work over the years across media (kudos to Lowe Lintas). A lot of the work felt right in terms of the insight, while some of the creative executions (e.g. ‘Move On’) may have riled many. I was surprised to see that the account has moved to L&K Saatchi, who have created a new outdoor campaign. The ads are edgy like before and sure enough, was debated on (where...

Ad agency new year cards: moving with the times


Over two decades ago, sending out the New Year greeting card was a big event in ad agencies. At Trikaya, where I worked then, it was a painstakingly created product – a lot of effort used to go behind its creation. I was proud of that attitude because the agency put in a similar effort across all its creative output – even if it was for ‘just a New Year card’. The cards...

Of wordsmiths, script writers and coders: tech in advertising


A recent advert for Honda, ‘The other side’ caught the creative industry’s fancy for its clever use of technology in telling a brand story. The effort was commendable primarily because the ’tech’ was central to the strategy and creative. The strategy was to showcase Civic Type R, the ‘wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback’ (a decidedly staid car in comparison). There have been many brand...

Moto 360 mocks luxury advertising #forourtimes


Many luxury brands - be it in jewellery or fashion & fashion accessories segments follow a template in static advertising - they all have models posing and staring into the camera. What sets apart such campaigns is the styling and execution. The props, celebrity models, quality of photography and even a quirky, memorable element helps in breaking clutter. In audio-visual advertising, luxury...

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