Axe White Label: ‘chick magnet’ with subtlety

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Axe dramatised the ‘chick magnet’ proposition for years. Most of the creative executions were in your face – girls can’t get their hands off you, thanks to Axe. They come through jungles, nibble at men or in markets where its called Lynx, they are even into air travel. They even put up with the typical male fantasies. While most executions brought a smile, some bordered on the crass, I thought. The ones I enjoyed most were the short duration ones like the one here. The trouble with this plank is that it can get predictable and every other deo brand in the category was out-Axeing Axe. The shift to Susan Glenn was a bold, sophisticated move but they didn’t seem to have pursued with that insight. In Australia, they shifted gears and positioned it as a ‘feel good’ brand – ‘it’s about becoming the best version of you and getting ready to take on life’.

In this context, it is interesting to see ads for a new extension called Axe White Label. The tag line, ‘how you feel says it all’ is in the feel good territory but has a subtle ‘attraction to the opposite sex’ angle thrown in.

Agency: BBH

While the setting is upmarket and ultra-sophisticated, the protagonist is portrayed as a regular bloke. Works for you?

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