GEICO Unskippable ads: uncommon thinking

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You got to love the business of advertising for such creative thinking aimed at addressing a business problem. The problem? People invariably skip the pre-roll ads on YouTube. The solution: make the ad unstoppable – not through any complex technology but a simple, out of the box solution. A new set of ‘ads’ for insurance brand GEICO are under 10-seconds and as the VO says ‘you can’t skip it because its already over’. The clever bit: limiting the first 10-seconds to the key benefit – savings and just the brand name. GEICO has also released extended cuts with some delightfully zany action after the brand name is revealed.

Agency: The Martin Agency

Love it when advertising finds creative solutions for real business problems for genuine brands (as opposed to creating a wonderful ad for a chiropractor merely with awards in mind), especially in a category which is considered to be rife with boring, ‘templated’ advertising.

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