#PlayWithOreo: product centric creative at its best

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The new ‘Play with Oreo’ campaign is a dream come true for marketers as far as the central creative idea goes. It is rooted in the product, the product is the hero, cannot be mistaken for any other brand and what’s more leads to a lot of creative possibilities. It all started with a TVC released for Valentiens Day, rooted in the premise that fans have always played with Oreo in a number of unique ways. Oreo now has a site dedicated to showcasing images, gifs and videos which dramatise the ‘Play with Oreo’ theme.

Play with Oreo

Oreo has also commissioned artists to create trippy illustrations that take forward the theme.






See the full range here. Agency: The Martin Agency

The campaign reminded me of ‘Mint with a hole’ series of product centred, pun-led ads for Polo, done by JWT India (called HTA back then) in the ’90s.

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