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Dé VakantieDiscounter, BMW 7 Series and more: compelling creative ads of the week


‘When the world zigs, zag’ is a rather famous work philosophy of BBH. In travel, food, auto & fashion there unwritten codes which almost dictate how a category ad should look like. This last I came across a travel ad which looked nothing any other travel ad (yet relevant) and a few more. Dé VakantieDiscounter: Holiday Cartoon Most travel and tourism ads are about evoking a desire...

Hilarious @AeroMexico, controversial @Gillette and more: creative ads of the week


Last week much of traditional media, marketing & advertising trade portals and of course, Twitter was abuzz with discussions on a new ad from Gillette. A few others too caught my eye which are featured here: AeroMexico: DNA discount As a tourist destination, how do you sway the opinion of consumers who swear they will never buy your ‘brand’? Mexico faces this unique challenge from...

BMW’s recycled old ads, ‘The World’s Fastest Car Launch’ and more: creative ads of the week


It’s always fun to see creative teams try something new in a category which is known for templates or formulas in advertising themes. Last week I came across one such in car advertising. In the same category, there was a clever use of print media too. Herewith my picks of creative ads from last week: 1.BMW Certified: recycled ads To demonstrate that certified pre-owned BMW cars run like...

British Army, Pizza Hut and more: creative ads of the week


The past week wasn’t one of rich pickings when it comes to spotting creative ideas. Of the lot, the ones which caught my eye include a recruitment campaign for British Army, a TV spot for Pizza Hut and a few more. British Army : recruitment Millennials seem to be the favourite target segment among marketers the world over. The group evokes a few stereotypical imageries of behaviour and...

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