Brilliant ads for Uber Eats, BBC, Visit Sweden and more: weekly round up of clutter-breaking advertising

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Every week I attempt to curate a list of clutter-breaking ads (or the occasional commentary on the business of advertising). This week, ads from Uber Eats, BBC, Opel Corsa and more.

Uber Eats: best friends

It’s Uber. And its Eats. On hindsight, it seems like a lovely connection between the two: ‘we all want to eat and go places’. And it brings a smile. The casting is brilliant – Robert de Niro and star of ‘Sex Education’, Asa Butterfield. The dialogues and the acting are top notch; even the supposedly awkward moments are fun to watch.

Agency: Mother London

BBC: more than just telly

Original scenes taken from shows such as Happy Valley, Line of Duty, Vigil and Baptiste are cleverly used to showcase BBC’s other offerings – such as news website, sports and more. ‘Not Just Telly’ showcases the range of offerings from BBC including weather, radio and podcasts beyond just television.

Agency: BBC Creative

Opel Corsa Electric: #YesOfCorsa

I recently shared a print ad of a car variant names Corsa which lends itself well to the pun, ‘ofcorsa’ as an ‘answer’ to a question. The writing addresses the typical questions a prospective customer of an electric car or a ‘fence sitter’ might have. What makes it interesting is the juxtaposition of quirky visuals and the ‘voice of God’ answering questions including silly ones like ‘does it come with two steering wheels?’.

Agency: Jun von Matt

Heinz: too good to leave behind

Who would think a TVC featuring a man who sobs uncontrollably right through the film, would have you laughing and ‘getting the point’? A new TVC from Heinz features a Britisher who lands in sunny Spain only to realise that his luggage has not. What follows is a series of funny situations made great by superb acting.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Paddy Power: second chance

‘With Paddy Power’s Wonder Wheel you get a second chance to win every day’ leads to an interesting question: ‘what if we all had a second chance?’ What follows are imagined ‘better scenarios’ which are so relatable to the UK market: the Brexit referendum, design of Milton Keynes and more.

Agency: BBH

Kahlua: stir up

It is said that a brand identifying an ‘enemy’ – a concept it stands against helps in sharp positioning and communication. A new set of quirky, OTT ads from Kahlua taken on the regular glass of wine. The YouTube description has more:

Bored of wine? Stir things up with Kahlúa. The Mexican actress and producer is unlocking Kahlúa’s secret versatility as a playful treat any day of the week, for those of us wanting something a little different to the typical Friday night glass of wine.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Macy’s: hey Santa

You know Christmas ads have started when Big Retail starts with their sweet, feel-good commercials. Here’s one from Macy’s which has a little boy hunting for gifts (even while not looking at the toys section) – not for himself but for someone else.

Agency: BBDO

Marvis toothpaste: marvel your routine

An everyday ‘routine’ like brushing teeth has mostly had, well, routine ads. A new set of ads from Marvis breaks category clutter by anchoring on flavours and an interesting visual treatment.

Agency: Le Pub, Milan

DS Automobiles: upgrade

How does it feel like, driving an ultra luxury car? A visual metaphor brings it alive in this ad for DS Automobiles.

DS 4 drives on a carpet of clouds and is suspended in the middle of a hitherto unseen Paris… In this inverted world, with its dreamlike setting made up of hot air balloons, fireworks and iconic monuments where you can explore Paris from the sky,


Visit Sweden: not Switzerland

Apparently, a lot of couple cannot tell the difference between Sweden and Switzerland. So much so, that Visit Sweden has launched a microsite where they have ‘reached out’ to Swiss officials outlining the responsibilities of each country. It’s fun campaign with some great copywriting ‘explaining’ the differences, right down to a document.

Colgate India: The Sweet Truth

Loved the strategy and the creative idea instantly after watching the ad on LinkedIn first. I am assuming Colgate is the market leader and they have taken a step to increase consumption by urging people to brush before going to bed. And the ‘enemy’ they have set up is the dessert or ‘sweet’ many Indians love to have for dinner. Am not sure how prevalent the habit of brushing before bed is – but makes sense to get more people into the fold.

Agency: Ogilvy

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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