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The Daily News & Analysis (DNA) campaign is gathering steam in Bangalore. The first phase built curiosity and announced the intent to launch the brand. It has now moved on to a phase, which, from the hoardings I see, is meant to invoke pride in the city.


The topics cover software (predictable), the city’s landmark institutes like IIM, the corporate life and so on. One of the hoardings says: ‘C++, Kannada. The most common languages spoken in Bangalore’. And there is another one: ‘We used to export cardamom. Now we export CEOs’. Is it meant to make the Bangaloreon feel great about the city? And then equate DNA as a paper that reflects this attitude? If it is so, some of the lines could be seen as an outsider’s perspective of Bangalore. Not an inside one. The Bangaloreans are aware of it being the software haven, what new news are they being given in this campaign? They are more likely to be concerned with the power cuts, traffic jams and quality of life here.

I found some of the lines defensive: ‘Even New York has traffic jams’. Firstly, shouldn’t that be ‘New York hs traffic jams too’? For the average Bangalorean to be told to accept traffic jams as part of life because other bigger, iconic cities have traffic jams too is not a positive message.

There is merit in the underlying thought of ‘I beleive in Bangalore’. The city has many fans (from outside the state) who chose to live here because it had something different to offer. So, they do believe in Bangalore. The native Bangalorean feels that his city is no longer the same and is being taken over & changed out of shape. Will touting the software edge and other stuff which the city is known for, cut ice with either of the groups? Do tell.

There is no mistaking the impact of the campaign though – it’s everywhere. The multiple messages across a stretch of a road or in an area gives the campaign a larger thean life stature. And atleast for me, it has built up expectations about DNA. Interestingly, TOI has released a front page article today, claiming the No.1 spot in Bangalore.

Does the DNA campaign work for you?

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  1. The DNA campaign doesnt work for me at least. I think its somewhat superficial. I feel its more about them trying to make a statement and grabbing eye-balls. If they wanted connect with the Bangaloreans, they could have dug deeper. Being an outsider myself, I think Bangalore is not only about Software parks, CEO’s, C++.
    Well couldnt resist mentioning about the Hoarding which said “If sepang can have a F1 race, why can’t we?’..something like that.. Well this could have been any city in India..whats so Bengaluru about it?..
    Daily News & Analysis wing needs to get a little mor analytical here.

  2. Thanks, Amrita. True, even lines like ‘Even New York has traffic jams’ could apply to any city. But all said and done, the campaign’s money power has made it visible.

  3. I did not make the connect with Mallya and F1 racing. But he is not getting his team to race in Bangalore, is he?

  4. Why should we worry whether New York has traffic jams or not. Bangalore shouldnt have it and the magazine should instead encourage ways to avoid it. In a way, its encouraging the fact that Bangalore is fine with Traffic jams and will live with it !

  5. Latest is, they have started sending sales team door-to-door with nice offer. DNA belongs to Dainik Bhaskar that is a giant media group in North India. They have 1 of the most successful media story going around. Have a read here —

    Yearly subscription of Rs. 301/- for 3 news papers is a tempting offer for me 🙂

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