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The other side of creativity


I laughed out loud when I saw this ad. The creative mind does see what others don’t, eh? Whoever would have thought of seeing the other side of Mount Rushmore? MAD magazine, perhaps. The Epica Awards were announced recently and under the Transport & Tourism category, this poster won a Silver for

Agency: Scholz & Friends

Chocoliebe: this film sticks


Amidst a sea of mediocrity, the new commercial for Chocoliebe (Inspector Lobo) stands out. In fact, I have probably seen in only once or twice, yet the commercial sticks in my mind (bad pun, if you know the central idea of the TVC). I have been trying to get hold of an online version, but to no avail. For those who haven’t seen it, here is the gist: we are told that the world would have got...

Scrabble: visual play for a word game


One of the award-winning ads for Scrabble was a TVC where people mouthed words like ‘I have Syphilis’ and seeming to enjoy it. The simplicity of the idea has stuck in memory – though the ad is quite old. Here’s another refreshingly new take on promoting Scrabble (does it need promoting?). I just loved the visual pun and the fact that it takes a split second to...

CEO’s carry the (tin) can


I don’t know enough about the financial aspects or the technical ‘reasons-why’ behind the crisis facing the likes of Citibank and the US Auto Majors. It seems fair that the current CEO of these companies is taking the heat – the buildup to the crisis may not be his doing entirely, but hey, who else you gonna blame? But I was struck by the enormous insensitivity, even...

Subtle stories in print ads


Since I grew up in advertising when Print was King (God, I am old) I get thrilled when I come across great print ads in the ad blogs. Of late, there have been a spate of minimal print ads that attempt to tell a story. They vary in subtlety – ranging from the difficult to ‘get’ to those that bring a smile, albeit after the penny drops. Here goes: An ad promoting the effectiveness...

Proctoids and Googlers come together


For a brief period in my career, I worked on some P&G brands. For an advertising professional, it is a great platform for learning. The P&G mega-talented managers epitomized process-driven approach to advertising and were extremely demanding of their agency executives. Sometimes this approach can be taken to the extreme leading to splitting hairs over every little aspect of advertising. I...

Finally, a realistic view on Social Networking Advertising


I was mighty thrilled to finally read something that is not euphoric about social networks and their ability to generate ad dollars. And it comes from a ‘voice of authority’ – Ted McConnell, General Manager-interactive marketing and innovation at Procter & Gamble. Commenting on ‘consumer-generated media’ he puts it brilliantly: Who said this is media? Media is...

Golden Holidays: height of ambient ideas


Ambient ideas work well when there is a marriage between the environment it is placed in and the proposition. Here’s one such execution for Malaysian Airlines. The attempt was to cross-sell Malaysian Airlines’ holiday packages for the domestic passengers of the airline. As a prospective traveller I would have reacted positively and remembered the ad. Nice work. Advertising Agency:...

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