Sprite does it, sambhar and dogs don’t

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Sprite continues with it’s non-nonsense platform of ‘Seedhi baat, no bakwas‘ with two new commercials. Both are about ‘getting the girl’ in a direct manner avoiding the old tricks. In this one, trying to befriend the girl’s folks can make you the ‘sambhar tambi‘.

And in this one, you’ll be left baby sitting her dog while our hero gets the queen.

The earlier Sprite ad was about being honest and straightforward too. But the character of the protagonist came out much stronger because it portrayed him as someone with a clear conscience, who says it as it is. In this one, does the sidekick corner all the attention? And is the setting and the portrayal taking the brand into comic territory? While I enjoyed the new ads, I thought the earlier rendition was better. Which ones worked for you?

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  1. I think the new commercials dilute the equity of Sprite. It used to be a no nonsense drink. With these two commercials, they are talking about a guy outsmarting his friend by doing simple things and all. And that in my opinion is going away from the promise made by Sprite.

    Would love to hear other people’s thoughts.

  2. ya saurabh, would agree that the previous set was far better and refreshing. This is back to the same outsmarting rubbish. But i like the fatty’s acting though.

  3. The first commercial has an undisguised racial undertone to it. And you people jump ‘racist!’ at even the slightest provocation. It takes for granted that Tamil speaking people are stupid; and people are thickheaded to even see it as being racist! Slobs.

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