When a brand event becomes advertising

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I happened to upload the video of the T-Mobile dance at the Liverpool Station (don’t sue me, please) and I am surprised at the number & kind of comments it is generating on YouTube. Currently the video has got over 300,000 views on my channel with over 140comments. Some of the eloquent comments include ‘excellente!!!genial!!emocionan te!!! La autentica naturaleza humana a veces es agradablemente sorprendente.Aunque aparezcan 3 estrellas my verdadera puntuacion es de 5″ and “Assolutamente grandioso! Compliments to whom thought of this and to the dancers that executed it!”.

At the official T-Mobile channel it has over 9mn views and over 10,000 comments. Apart from a telling comment on the low traffic to my YouTube channel, it is also a comment on how something that connects with the consumers irrespective of it being ‘staged’ is a great advertisement for the brand.

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