Scam ad mela: Colgate Naughty Boy gets a spanking

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When I wrote about the Colgate Max Fresh ‘Naughty Boy’ ad back in February, I thought it deserved a spanking. The ad gets a fresh round of battering because it was…hold your breath, meant to be a scam ad. Surprise, surprise! Rob Campbell writes in The Irony of Scam that the agency deserves to be ‘taught a lesson’, so he puts up the ad again – simply because the agency wanted to ‘remove all the evidence’ about this ad. Don’t forget to check out the comments over there. Oh boy.

To think that this idea was even ‘production worthy’, leave alone ‘award worthy’? And that senior people from the industry are involved in such scam work? And this too on a global high stakes client who is not known to take such risks with communication? Wonder how much time & effort went behind the creation of this ad. Thank God for small mercies – it wasn’t as elaborate or attention grabbing as the work from FP7, Doha for Dubai Lynx.

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