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Filmfare gets stereotypical on the South


Winning a Filmfare Award is considered prestigious in the Southern film industry (unlike perhaps in Mumbai where it’s a tad less shiny thanks to so many other awards) and here’s an ad meant to announce the event. Can it get more cliched and stereotypical than this? I find such an attitude so patronizing and irritating. Am sure the elite of the industry and Page 3 types who see this...

23 print ads with great illustration styles


Maybe it’s my penchant for drawing from my childhood days, that I still seek out great illustrations and drawings in ads. Vintage ads had to perforce resort to illustrations to convey their message – ads for Pears, Lifebuoy and several others come to mind. Photography then became the norm. Illustrations then became a way of breaking the clutter, as they simply looked different...

Lies? What lies? It’s only advertising.


Haven’t we heard these all: 1. The client only wants to see how it looks. 2. The ad is required to go by 4pm today. 3. The client loved it! 4. According to research… 5. I get it, but will our consumer? 6. Give me 2 minutes… 7. I’ll call you back 8. This is the last of the revisions. Really. 9. Don’t worry about the budget now. 10. I timed it. It’s a 30-sec spot...

The best of creative briefs


‘An ad for an ad’ is one of the many descriptions of the Creative Brief. Much has been written about the importance of the Brief.  Every big agency network has a brief template, with similar sections to fill. Some like the Thompson Total Branding and Disruption have become brand names themselves.  More on what makes a good Creative Brief, later. But the hallmark of a good brief is...

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