It’s Thursday. It’s Videocon’s turn to change logo

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videocon I liked the new logo for Videocon, the moment I saw it – a sea change from their earlier logo. The brand’s advertising too had acquired a slightly more sophisticated and intelligent tone of voice with their set of ads for air conditioners. But the brand’s appeal to an upmarket audience was limited, in my opinion, thanks to the name and how it portrayed itself in the past.

The new logo is apparently ‘at the heart of the new brand identity. The Fluid lava reflects the brand idea, ‘Experience change’. The color palette has been chosen to reflect the philosophy of Videocon Group i.e. the color green is symbolic to the company’s ecology drive’.

But there is some proof reading still to be done on the website. Sample this:

Videocon believes & is focused on building: Innovation that Great Value that Consumer experience changes your life makes technology that delights and for the better accessible rewards.

The TV commercial is slickly produced and has subliminal cues of ‘green’ & environment friendly. I’ve lost count of the recent logo change exercises and brand identity communication: Godrej, Canara Bank, Union Bank of India, Ceat and Shoppers Stop to name a few. Much of the trigger to change one’s identity seems to be from the fear of becoming irrelevant to a new, younger audience. ‘The consumer is changing’ seems to be the mantra across all these brand identity changes. But have they worked? Have they made you look at them in a new light? A mere logo change is never the answer to such problems. I was reminded of the new Philips versus effort which is new media’s replacement to the good old corporate campaign.  It will always boil down to the product offering, with the likability of the new identity & communication being the icing on the cake. Let’s wait and see what Videocon does beyond a nice new logo.

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  1. Is this now becoming a case of following the crowd? I remember Godrej did it recently and with Videocon being a competitor who wasn’t getting anywhere, this seemed inevitable. Also it remains to be seen how much the green policy is put into action.

    Nice review. 😀


    PS – Do you know the link to the video of the new Max New York Life Insurance ad about the wedding in Kolkata wherein Aunty says, “na jaane kiske, na jaane kiske?” I wanted to review this ad for my blog.

  2. what i dont understand id that why did they have to name the two green things that make the Videocon logo? ‘V’ in new Videocon logo is composed of two animated green, lava-like shapes, they have names – Chouw and Mouw? Its sounds really funny?

  3. Abhishek, Moksh – thanks for the comments. Just saw the press ad yesterday. I didn’t know about the 2 characters until I read about them on the web. The press ad and the web banners do not highlight Chouw and Mouw at all. Still, I quite liked the logo. Much classier than the previous logo.

  4. I loved the new set of ads introducing the green logo. I think they pulled off the endearing minimalism in a way the obnoxious ZooZoo ads never could.

  5. Chouw and Mouw? Its sounds really funny,
    VIDEOCON New Logo is Beautiful.

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