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Havells ads: the power of simplicity


Among the recent crop of ads, the one highlighting the savings potential of Havells CFL bulbs is a stand out. No complicated computer graphics, no major plots, yet so watchable. The simple idea of ‘you are a bulb, if you waste’ makes it memorable. The claim ain’t new – others in the category too have said this – but the creative execution and the audio burr of...

Will the real Bajaj Discover positioning please stand up?


Apparently, the newly launched Bajaj Discover DTS-Si has sold over 100,000 units in the first 50 days of launch – a record of sorts. What seems to have worked? I am not a bike aficionado but my gut tells me it is do with this utilitarian appeal of better mileage. The creative execution – discovery of interesting places at a 100km milepost – is off the beaten track. It is likely...

Seen and noted: Dixons UK – the first thing you must read now


A new poster campaign for the UK e-retailer, Dixons is making the rounds of UK ad blogs. It plays on a simple insight – that many of us love to visit fashionable stores, soak in the ambience, enjoy the service, gather facts about a particular product…only to buy it elsewhere if it’s cheaper. The online stores are a great bargain that way – I too have realized that online...

Parle Monaco returns with Aamir


Saw two new ads for Parle Monaco featuring Aamir. Taking off from where left off with the car sticker ad, Aamir makes life interesting thanks to Monaco. But instead of being mean to or pulling a fast one on others, this time around the contrast between a ‘pheeka‘ (tasteless/dull) situation and a ‘namkeen’ (spicy) one is presented. In one ad, Aamir plays out the ‘aaj...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27


Just back from a short break. Lolling in the pool with my daughter for an hour was great! #positweets # Someone's upset when they find out Enfatico is toast # Aargh, lost my wallet. Not much cash but the assorted cards are blocked. Careless me. # Technology is Anthropology and Baba Shreepakdeva's advice to Fake Steve Jobs # Onida ko dekha toh devil yaad aaya on the new Onida TVC #onida #...

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