The Lotus Awards: best of award show ads

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Much thought and effort goes into the Call for Entries ad for Creative Award Shows. Not as much as creating the ads in Dec or putting together all the entries 2 days prior to the deadline, perhaps. The entire tamasha around Award Show entries and the big night is beautifully captured in these set of ads for The Lotus Awards 2009.

Lotus_CTE_1Lotus_Show_1Agency: Rethink Communications, Canada

The upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympics (in no way affiliated to those games as claimed  in the ‘disclaimer’. So unaffiliated that they dare not mention the name offering only a hint that it rhymes (sort of) with gold limp dick.) is the obvious inspiration but the twist to the ‘events’ is brilliant. Notice ‘credit coattailing’, ‘client requesting’ and other familiar events. On the day of the show are events like ‘Cleavaging’ and ‘Freestyle Bullshiting’. The commemorative book, featuring some of the award winning work is here, in .pdf format.(caution: 9mb file). One of the best print campaigns this year. What, 2009 is over already?

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