PSA ad on cyber-bullying: cool use of YouTube

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When it comes to posting videos on YouTube, usually there ain’t much difference between most advertising agencies and the average YouTube user. Both post videos and that’s that. Agencies are expected to be power users and all that but usually they don’t even disable comments but get miffed if about adverse comments on their ad. in this  context, Saatchi & Saatchi has created a cool video for National Crime Prevention Council.

See the video in action here. It uses flash technology very well to give the impression of an actual user called oceanking97 and a real video. It’s all done to drive home the point that mean comments on YouTube discourage earnest video pleas & causes on YouTube. Is it cool? Yes. Will this one video discourage people from posting mean comments? No comments.

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  1. This format of advertising on YouTube is also getting slightly old now. Remember the Wario Land – Shake It! ad?( There was a bunch of similar stuff after that. Plus, I don’t know if the technology kind of defeats the purpose in that it doesn’t let people post comments on a video that is about posting comments in the first place.
    Interesting idea though… just wish there was a little more to it.

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