Glossa Language School: Indians would empathize

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This should ring true for us Indians, especially South Indians – who are more likely to interact with more than one language. A perfectly normal, ‘randi, randi‘ in Telegu (meaning, welcome or come in) to your North Indian boss’ wife who doesn’t know beyond ‘madrasi‘ is a perfect setting for this ad.

Learn to understand better. Curva is Spanish for Curve. (But in Czech it means Whore).

Learn to understand better. In English, Cozy means Cozy. (But in Czech it means breasts)

Agency: Leagas Delaney Prague, Czech Republic

Language schools are a favourite subject among creative shops and we’ve seen some great work in this category. The Glossa-type ideas have been done before including the famous, ‘Table for two? Certainly you old trout’ for Berlitz by Tim Delaney in 1991 and the award-winning ‘What are your sinking about’? for Berlitz. Nevertheless, cute execution.

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