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Audi A8L: 3D and the advanced state of media usage


One yardstick of knowing whether an Indian ad campaign has touched a chord – at least among the advertising community is the number of comments in online trade portals: when you have more than 10 comments about an article, you know its generating buzz…er, quite like my blog. I got to know about the launch of Audi A8L and the 3D campaign from trade publications. I was surprised to see...

Seen and noted: Lotto 649


The unexpected nature of lottery tickets – the ability to transform the lives of even the most ordinary folks has been a favourite theme of Lottery Brands. I remember seeing a print ad for Lotto in a One Show or D&AD mag: visual of a beer-bellied, unkempt bloke in a vest watching TV in what looks like a palace. The tag line ‘Hey, you never know‘ completed the loop in your...

Of AK Hangal and social media


Jokes about the general pointlessness of social media networks abound. They are seen as good for idle talk and sharing photos. While that is perhaps the overarching perception, we’ve read about brands & individuals using these tools for a social cause. I got to witness it first hand yesterday: while the news of actor AK Hangal’s poor health and penury made the headlines...

Creative indulgence: patting yourself on the back


Aside from scam awards, there is one other contentious issue among advertising creatives: creative indulgence. Meaning: ads that are meant to satisfy the creative urge of the creative team rather than  meet the business needs of the client. One such campaign is the one for Brand Capital. Series of ads, with logos that look like famous brands – Johnson & Johnson, Samsung etc., are...

Lurpak Kitchen Odyssey: product window as piece of art


The ‘product window’ – usually the most glossed over section in a TV script. Treated as the mandatory section after the ‘setup’ and the ‘solution’ and left to the production house for ‘treatment’. There are some scripts on the other hand, which are centered around showcasing the product and what it does. Lurpak’s 2011 spot, Kitchen...

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