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Royal Wedding and topical ads


We’ve all seen the T-Mobile Royal Wedding video which has become a viral hit with over 14mn views. Back home, we also had Amul taking out a billboard in customary style. I had said earlier that ‘topical ads link a brand to the news of the day and can deliver far greater impact than regular one-off ads. Since the topic is in the public eye, a clever linkage to the brand in question...

Axe Googly: is the slip showing?


The advertising for Axe (or Lynx in some countries) has gone a long way in building the brand. It helped create a halo around Axe as essential accessory for the chic magnet. And the advertising has always been talked about – for its inventiveness and creativity. At the centre of it is the crazed obsession women have for the Axe man and it has been executed in many ways. In terms of tone of...

Locationgate and the undue obsession with Apple


So Apple finally sent out an official response to the location-tracking controversy this week. For almost 10 days prior to that many have been getting their knickers in a twist over the location tracking system in iPhones & iPads. Sure, companies should not take undue advantage of a user’s personal information that it may gather. Personal information should also not fall into the wrong...

Budweiser Ice Cold Index: the new kind of advertising


Its natural for beer brands to view the summer months as a great marketing opportunity. There was a time when this simply meant increased visibility in the market, some promotions and of course, some ‘image’ advertising. Nowadays, nothing seems to be done without a digital component –  Facebook app, a Twitter feed, a mobile app…something. Even in Ireland, where beer...

Essential reading for the curious advertising mind


In our growing up years in advertising, for many of us, essential business reading included books like ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’, ‘Truth Lies and Advertising’ and ‘Building Strong Brands’. While these were enlightening books, the content, especially of the case study variety pertained to US brands; and to that extent, alien to Indian ad wallahs. It is great to...

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