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Holidays without Internet: brilliant use of Facebook Connect


Remember the cute TV commercial for Switzerland Tourism – meant to convey that Switzerland is more than just mountains? It featured two lovable villagers who discover the hustle & bustle of the big city. They are now back in a fantastic video promo – Holidays Without Internet. It works like this: you watch a video featuring these 2 guys in a cyber cafe, supposedly chatting with...

Social media: a distraction or part of the new ‘work’?


It is not uncommon for bosses to frown upon employees who spend time on social media websites at work. Those who spend time on Facebook or Twitter are usually considered wastrels or shirkers. Both these activities are seen as distractions – Facebook is perhaps lesser of the evil – it may be seen as a welcome break from work. Some organizations even block access to social media...

Of social media influence and Klout


Remember Technorati Ranks? Neither do I. However, a few years ago when blogging became popular, it was hot property. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem to have the kind of influence it once had. Like Technorati, several brands have attempted to become the gold standard in measuring online influence – Alexa for example. But no single brand can claim to be the authority in measuring one’s...

The decade in advertising: then and now


On the occasion of completing 10 years, Storyboard ran a programme outlining the landmark advertising campaigns of the decade. The show also asked leading industry professionals about the big changes in advertising today as compared to 10 years ago. At the turn of the last decade I was working in neighbouring countries and wasn’t witness to the goings on in the Indian advertising scenario...

Snickers and the hunger for insights


‘What is the insight?’ That’s a question many an AE and Planner have dreaded being asked by the Creative Director, when discussing a brief. While most agency creative brief formats have a section on consumer insights the ability to generate a good insight is not second nature to all. Usually, what gets written as an insight is usually a fact or a regular observation. Even...

Tiji: TV for imaginative kids, worrying parents


How much TV is too much TV for kids? What kind of programmes should they be allowed to watch? The CBeebies kind or the Chchota Bheem kind? Such questions have plagued urban parents for years. Yet most of us treat the TV as a baby sitter or a temporary reprieve from kids and their attention-seeking ways. Personally speaking, I attempt to control my daughter’s TV watching habits (but fail...

Renault Kangoo: breaking category clutter


One of the famous creative directors I had the privilege of working with used to believe in the mantra of not creating work that is ‘expected’ of category. In other words, if its an ice cream ad, try and break away from the ‘category codes’ – the unwritten rules of the category. As far as outdoorsy, leisure activity vehicles go one assumes that showing varied...

Fiat Street Evo: QR Code meets mobile meets brochure


The  fun part of the advertising business? There’s so much to learn every day -iIt doesn’t matter if one is a day old in the business or a decade old. Those were the thoughts when I came across this new mobile app – Fiat Street Evo. Instead of printing a brochure, the agency created a mobile app which would read street signs as a QR Code. The code brings up appropriate features...

Wrigleys 5 Gum: 3D building projection


I remember seeing the TV commercials for Wrigleys 5 Gum. The brand promises a sensory overload and the TVC dramatized the consumption experience through analogies. The baseline ‘Stimulate your senses’ captured the essence well. In a way, it builds anticipation towards the product experience even before you become a consumer. How do you bring alive the brand experience online? In South...

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