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Tim Cook’s apology: of guts and honesty


Some have called it a ‘new low‘: Apple apologising to its customers. And what’s more, recommending competitor’s products, albeit as stop gap arrangements. I think it is a sensible and bold move by Tim Cook and befits a leader. Here’s why: – it was an honest acceptance of poor execution. Apple called it ‘falling short of commitment’ as they take...

Inspiration: ’33 things I know about Art Direction’


I plan to share inspiring interviews, presentations from around the web in the Inspiration series. Here’s a presentation by David Bell, Executive Creative Director at MercerBell, on ’33 Things I know about Art Direction’. Great read, great examples. Instead of it being a mere collection of great creative, David has shared invaluable tips and advice. Pretty useful not just for...

Samsung’s anti-Apple marketing: fuelling the flame wars


The dictionary defines stratagem as: noun: a plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end: a series of devious stratagems.• [ mass noun ] archaic skill in devising plans or schemes; cunning. What Samsung has set out to do since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 is just that: a series of plans to outwit their main opponent in the mobile phone business – Apple. On...

Focusyl: brilliant use of TV, blurs line between ad and news


A series of ads for a Canadian brand Focusyl,’an all-natural supplement that provides an immediate increase in focus and mental performance‘  are doing the rounds of ad blogs. Agency: Red Lion  I thought these were great examples of (a) lines blurring between TV and ‘news’ (b) how to make effective short-duration ads and get clients to love you for it . Check out the...

Fevicol Marine floats a brilliant new ad


Came across a new ad for Fevicol Marine on YouTube. Really liked the idea and the execution – especially the music and the acting.

Agency: Ogilvy
And that’s Piyush Pandey’s voice over at the end. This ad is much better than their earlier efforts, no? Cuts across language barriers, rooted on the product benefit and conveys the message without saying a word.

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