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Can you imagine this – a brand creating its first piece of advertising after acquiring a billion active users? Facebook just did that – it’s first ad spot ever ‘honours the everyday things we use to connect with each other’.

Agency: W+K

According to AdAge: The film was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu of Anonymous Content, who directed the critically acclaimed film “Amores Perros” as well as previous high-profile Wieden projects like Nike’s “Write the Future” and the Emmy-awarded “Best Job” Olympics spot for P&G.

Connecting or ‘bringing people together’ has been a proposition used by telecom (‘reach out and touch someone’) and airline brands. They both usually depict how they do it  – (duh) through phones and air travel. At a proposition level the Facebook ad works because while the platform may not be about connecting face to face, we’ve all had experiences of ‘connecting’ with long lost friends and family on that platform. But they lost me when they said chairs, door bells and dance floors are like Facebook. I can understand bridges & airplanes – they are universally recognised metaphors but not US-centric and ambiguous associations with dance floors.

While it’s a well-made film, doubt if it will connect with a universal audience. What say?

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